As we mentioned in last nights podcast, only two of the three Lynnfield processors have appeared for review, with the sweetest one of all MIA.  Hopefully this means that the i7-860 is on its way into the channel in large numbers as it sits in the price point of the i7-920 and does about the same thing with less power needed and less heat produced.  While we are awaiting its arrival why not see how professionals like the folks at [H]ard|OCP have fared with this new processor and chipset.  It will give you some ideas for when you have your own Lynnfield to push to its limits.

“Intel today launches its new Lynnfield processor based on its tremendously dominant Nehalem architecture. New Lynnfield processors bring with them a new socket that commands a new series of motherboards and both are very much on track to capture a huge share of the enthusiast computer hardware market.”

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