Audio streaming from a PC to a stereo system is no longer an uncommon practise, especially if your system has HDMI out so that you can display HD video from your PC to your TV.  A side effect of that is the appearance of a PC in close proximity to your TV and/or a profusion of wires running between the two.  A company called Audioengine wants to solve your cable clutter with their AW1 Wireless Audio Sender/Receiver, a handy little USB based broadcaster and receiver.  Check out the various configurations available in the review at ModSynergy.

“The AW1 Wireless Audio Sender/Receiver is more than a wireless replacement for a stereo audio cable. You can transmit audio from your computer’s USB port to a receiver, amplifier, subwoofer, or speakers. If you purchase additional AW1s, you can send the same audio signal to additional rooms, though only to one at a time. These capabilities are a convenience, but of what value are these additional features without the ability to transmit audio signal reliably and undistorted.”

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