In what was the 2008 Olympic city in Bejing the MSI sponsored 2009 Master Overclocking Arena took place.  Tweaktown has reduced the competition to a 32 minute video of extreme overclocking.  The fastest parts on planet were combined with LN and the experience of the 20 teams that took place in the competition.  Drop by and see what the record overclock is now.

“We just got back from Beijing, China where we attended MSI’s Master Overclocking Arena (or MOA) 2009 grand final. MSI decided to host the event at the 2008 Olympic city as it themed the event in the same style, except with IT athletes.

There were about 100 people in the group consisting of MSI staff, overclockers and media from all over the world. As far as the competition went, there were a total of 20 global overclocking teams (two competitors per team) from about 15 different countries.”

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