The one theme that Ars Technica has taken away from the IDF is that Intel has some serious plans for the PC industry.  From the dozen low power, low heat system on a chip projects that are currently on the go to a Moblin based mobile internet device doing a clever imitation of a phone, Intel is spreading its sites to new areas that they have been weak in previously.  That is not all, on the application side they are working on a new UI for Atom based netbooks as well as support to develop apps for the netbook.  They’ve even got BMW on board.

“CEO Paul Otellini kicked off the 2009 Intel Developer Forum with a keynote that quite literally laid out Intel’s plan for world domination. The keynote’s theme was “a continuum of computing,” and Otellini was keen to stress the 32nm process node as the point at which x86—or “Intel Architecture” (IA), as the chipmaker prefers to call it—can claim a place inside everything from smartphones to servers”

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