If you head on over to our Tech Talk Forum, you can get some hints on what our forum members consider the must have software for a PC.  Once you have Windows installed, which programs do you have to have?  If you are in the mood for something a little more light hearted, what is the strangest thing you have done to a PC or gadget?  Dropping by the Processor forum will have you embroiled in a storm of AMD speculation and prediction about both Magny-Cours many cores and the current state of Bulldozer.  The Video Card and Display Forum meanwhile has a young thread starting up about the your current choices when looking for a 24″ LCD

If you really want to be in the know, what you need to do is subscribe to the PC Perspective Podcast.  This week was our 72nd attempt at providing you with all the latest in tech and we covered a new HDD technology, the trials and tribulations faced by HTPC users and their HDMI cabling, as well as a look at Newegg’s recent behaviour with a certain SSD and a public service announcement from the Hardware Leaderboard … plus The Great and Mighty Oz gets a cell phone and twitter.