DriverHeaven has taken a close look at the new Batman:Arkham Asylum game with an eye on nVIDIA’s PhysX.  They’ve captured several key videos to show just how enabling PhsyX effects the game play as well as the frame rates.  They mix and match several systems and many different pairings of nVIDIA GPUs to see what the best way to experience the Batman is.  Drop by and see the results.
“We will analyse multiple setups to suit all ranges of investment, from a wallet busting dual 295 GTX quad sli configuration to a much more affordable 250 GTS with 9400 GT. You don’t need to spend a fortune to enjoy Batman: Arkham Asylum, but you certainly can get benefits from more than one video card if you research carefully. While this seems a little overkill for just one game, with high profile physX based games such as Dark Void by Capcom due out in the near future there may be no better time to pick yourself up another Nvidia card.”

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