In what some may see as a twist and others as to obvious to have talked about, the next low power processor to displace some of the Atom’s market share will come from Intel.  It is hard to know if this will be a case of Intel competing against its self or will the new SU4100 ULV represent a different portion of the Atom’s market that AMD’s Yukon platform is aimed at until it is released.

What we do know comes from Samsung, it will be a 1.3GHz Intel Pentium ULV SU4100 with 800MHz FSB and 1MB cache.   That could prove to be able to bridge the gap between netbook and notebook.  Drop by Ars Technica for more.

“Samsung announced its new X series of laptops this morning, and the company let a detail slip about the X120 portable that’s less trivial than it may initially sound: the thin portable eschews Intel’s netbook-oriented Atom line in favor of a new ultra-low-voltage (ULV) processor from Intel. The SU4100 ULV processor and its siblings will formally launch later this month and have been getting press recently under the internal Intel acronym CULV (for consumer ULV). These cheap ULV processors mark a subtle but important shift in the chipmaker’s notebook strategy, and they also spell bad news for rival AMD. ”

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