Picking up a motherboard and CPU for a total cost of $200 really makes putting together a budget AMD system easier, but the question of which motherboard to choose remains.  As the majority of AM2/AM2+ boards have onboard video as well as sound, the list of components you need to purchase to finish the build is relatively short.  InsideHW looks to help you with your decision by gathering together 10 AMD boards from 4 different manufacturers to see how they compare in terms of performance as well as the features that each provide. 

“Since AMD presented some very interesting low-budget CPUs lately, next good question is: which motherboard should you purchase with that CPU? We decided to review all AM2/AM2+ motherboards with price tag between 50€ and 70€ because we believe that some of those motherboards can be very good choice especially for new Athlon II CPUs. Except price, there was another feature that all motherboards should have: support for DDR2 memory. Since we are choosing motherboard for a budget PC and DDR2 memory is cheaper and offers similar performances to DDR3, it was logical choice. So, let’s get cracking…”

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