Sunnyvale, Calif. – Oct. 8, 2009 – AMD (NYSE: AMD) and CyberLink Corp announced the companies are expanding their existing engineering engagement with a strategic focus on Microsoft DirectX 11 DirectCompute, taking advantage of the capabilities of AMD’s new DirectX 11-capable graphics architecture. The companies will work together to accelerate many computationally intensive tasks in CyberLink applications, such as video transcoding, automated facial recognition and tagging, video editing and processing applications with ATI Stream technology using the full specification capabilities of the new Windows 7 DirectCompute API.

ATI Stream technology allows enabled applications to dynamically take advantage of both the multi-core central processing unit (CPU) and the graphic processing unit (GPU) in a PC for demanding algorithms such as video editing and transcoding from one video format to another. The ATI Radeon(tm) HD 5800 series is the only GPU hardware on the market today that supports the entire superset specification of Microsoft DirectX 11.

“CyberLink’s applications are known for their intuitive experience and optimized performance,” said Alice H. Chang, CEO of CyberLink. “DirectCompute enables our engineers to significantly ramp up the pace of development of our GPU accelerated software. Thanks to AMD’s compelling PC platforms with ATI Stream technology and support for DirectX 11, CyberLink is leading the industry in accelerating photo and video software performance with DirectCompute.”

As the first software developer to take advantage of ATI Stream technology to leverage multi-core CPUs and GPUs to accelerate execution of highly parallel functions, CyberLink continues to set new standards of performance and interactivity across their product offerings.

“DirectX 11, a key set of features in Windows 7, enables developers to take full advantage of the GPUs found in many of today’s PCs,” said Mike Ybarra, general manager of Windows Product Management at Microsoft Corp. “Specifically, DirectCompute technology helps accelerate the performance across several scenarios that historically took a long time to complete when just using the CPU. CyberLink’s support of DirectCompute in their latest applications results in higher performance across these scenarios – something that our joint customers have asked for.”