Abandoning the river theme, AMD seems to be looking to the stars to see its future platforms, Dragon being replaced with Leo next year and Scorpius to follow in 2011.  Scorpius will feature a 32nm Zambezi CPU sporting four cores at the very least, along with an integrated DDR3 controller and fit into a Revision 2 AM3 socket, just to make CPU sockets even more confusing.  SemiAccurate also touches on their plans for an Accelerated Processor Unit which brings a GPU on board.  Read more about it by following the link.

“IT SEEMS SOMEONE has outed AMD’s desktop platforms all the way up to 2011 and, you guessed it, AMD will be breaking in the new 32nm toys.

According to the material published on Plaza.fi, AMD’s 2011 desktop platforms will be called Scorpius and Lynx, addressing the Enthusiast and Mainstream segments, respectively.

Scorpius (2011) is the follow-up to Leo (2010), which itself is the follow-up to the current Dragon platform. Leo had already been confirmed as AMD’s enthusiast platform for 2010, sporting the Thuban 6-core Deneb-derived CPU and making use of the upgraded RD890 and SB850 chips. This will add an integrated RV810, DX11 graphics core to the fray.”

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