Neoseeker has gathered a five 785G based AMD motherboards, all of which are priced under $100 to see which board shall rule.  For the IGP, it seems that it is the existence of DDR3 sideport memory that makes all the difference in performance.  Power consumption and overclockability are manufacture based and with ASUS, Gigabyte, ECS and MSI boards to choose you have a choice of different blends.  It will take you a while to get through but if you plan on building an AMD system with integrated graphics, then your attention will be rewarded.
“We had taken a look not so long ago at the 785G IGP video performance, in a two part article (Pt. I and Pt. II). Motherboard manufacturers obviously released products based on this brand new chipset as soon as the NDA was lifted.

This release is more oriented toward the mainstream and HTPC market though, so this is a little bit different than the high-end video card reviews we often publish. In fact, none of these motherboards support CrossfireX setups, even though the ASUS M4A785TD-V EVO and the Gigabyte MA785G-UD3H have two PCI-E x16 slots. The others only have one PCI-E x16 slot since they are mATX-sized. These are the MSI 785GM-E65, the ECS A785GM-M and the Gigabyte MA785GMT-UD2H. All of them support Hybrid Crossfire, which makes the integrated HD 4200 working with the low-end dedicated card for a substancial boost.”

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