The Ozone Smog gaming mouse is a bit odd looking and sport software that claims to boost the 3200DPI maximum to 5040DPI.  The removable weight tray sits in the middle of the mouse body as opposed to the bottom and the mouses feet are ceramic.  Add the odd look, especially the rear end of the mouse and you have a gaming mouse that seems a little different from the rest.  Drop by TestSeek Labs for a look.

“I guess most users never really think about things like the ‘performance’ of the mouse they are using, they simple accept it as it is. I am not one of those users however; I want my gear to be top notch. I think once you have gotten the chance to work with a high quality laser mouse, it’s really hard to go back to using anything else. Ozone have acknowledged this demand from high end users and created a very advanced mouse, mainly directed towards the gaming market…”

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