The OCZ Neural Impulse Actuator enjoyed a brief spotlight and then mostly disappeared to the periphery, but not before inspiring the imaginations of several modders.  At Hack a Day you can see a project involving an Arduino and Uncle Milton’s Force Trainer, which is a nifty little toy consisting of a brain wave monitoring headband and a base station that reacts to those measurements.  You can also see a similar project that utilizes a DB9 serial port as opposed to USB.

“We came across the video (embedded after the break) of their work and asked for more info on what we thought was an incredibly difficult hack. It turns out they purchased Uncle Milton’s Force Trainer which uses a headset to measure brain waves and has a base unit that reacts to these measurements. Hacking into this device didn’t require reverse engineering of anything. They took the easy route, and tapped into the five LEDs on the base unit. As the game measures greater levels of concentration, it lights up more LEDs.”

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