3Rsystem’s Iceage 120 Boss II Dimpled-Fin heatsink takes advantage of several unique features to put it at the top of the Top 5 list of recommended coolers from FrostyTech.  The first is the crossing heatpipes, they do not travel along the edges but instead cross in the middle of the cooler as well as the middle of the airflow thus enhancing its ability to dump heat.  The second is that the fins of the heatsink are not smooth, instead they are dimpled to increase air turbulence within the heatsink.  Altogether it is the best cooler that FrostyTech has seen for both AMD and Intel.  The bad news is that it is very rare outside of EMEA.

“Let’s get right to the point, 3Rsystem’s Iceage 120 Boss II heatsink is currently one of the Top 5 heatsinks tested on Frostytech. Key to the success of this Korean-made heatsink on both AMD and Intel synthetic test platforms are five 8mm diameter exposed base heatpipes and a unique “X” pattern that places the heatpipes in the path of high velocity air from the coolers’ 120mm fan. On top of that, the Iceage 120 Boss II heatsink utilizes dimpled surface fins which are intended to disrupt boundary layer laminar airflow.”

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