Our Processor Forum is currently full of quite a few confused, or at least overwhelmed enthusiasts trying to come to terms with the breadth of choice available for processors.  Some are just looking at an affordable upgrade while others are looking at the brand new CPUs available on the market.  The conversations about the new CPUs spill over into the Overclocking Forum as well.  Not only are there new techniques to try out when manually overclocking but the new motherboards, especially the P55s, come with new overclocking tools to be tried out.  Post what you have found and read through the testing done by others to get up to speedYou may also need to stop by the Cases, Cooling, Power and Modding Forum to find a cooler to help you OC and a case large enough to contain it.

As if having a slew of new CPUs to deal with wasn’t enough to put a smile on the face of PC builders everywhere, AMD is currently reclaiming its spot as the maker of the fastest GPU on the market and of course the fellows in the Graphics Forum are all over it.  They are not just talking about the raw speed, EyeFinity and multiple monitor gaming are the most coveted feature of the new HD58xx series.  That is not to say that nVIDIA is sitting still, the new Fermi architecture has surpassed what Tesla offered and the ease of programming for it can not be understated,   nor can their recent decision regarding PhysX processing.

It is not quiet in the Audio forumnor is the Storage forum empty, but if you want to go where all the cool kids hang out then get over to the Pond.  Not only is there a great group of people to meet, you can devote your spare CPU and GPU cycles to solving many of the problems that plague mankind.  Folding@Home works towards understanding and eradicating cancer or you could participate in one of the many BOINC projects of which PC Perspective has teams on!  Having fun for a great cause is what it is all about.

If on the other hand, if passive entertainment is where your head is right now, rest your mouse and keyboard fingers, relax and enjoy the latest PC Perspective Podcast; available for your listening pleasure here.