Aion The Tower of Infinity is a new MMORPG with a few interesting twists, the most noticeable is that just about everyone is a flying supermodel.  The graphics are impressive for an online game and Aion takes advantage of that when you create the face of your character.  They do not skimp on the scenery and atmosphere either, all of which are much more detailed and interesting than others in this genre.  The levelling system allows you to avoid grinding, crafting will also help you gain experience to help you reach level 25, when you sprout wings and can start PvP play.  Drop by DriverHeaven to see if it catches your interest.

“The MMORPG genre has been dominated for so long by World Of Warcraft that it seems almost impossible for any other titles to get a long term foothold. Developers keep trying however because this market is so lucrative and today we look at the much hyped MMO entitled ‘Aion’ from far east developer NCSoft.”

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