The ‘other’ Bridgestone is at it again, this time in 4,096 colors.  They have been at the forefront of e-paper, thanks to their electron powder and granular material they have been able to redraw an entire screen on their previous products in 0.8 seconds, like an incredibly talented Etch A Sketch on amphetamines.  Their new, soon to be released 10.7″ touchscreen e-paper device handles full colour and even more interesting it is fully flexible.  Take a look at this first over at engadget.

“When we heard word of a “big announcement” back in July we imagined an e-reader of some sort, but what is it that we have here? Based on a technology Bridgestone calls Quick-response Liquid Powder, the company’s all-color touchscreen e-book reader is about 5.8mm thick, features a 13.1-inch touch-sensitive e-paper display (with 4,096 colors and a refresh rate of about 0.8 seconds), and some sort of unspecified mobile phone connectivity. Most exciting, of course, is that the entire package — circuit board, touchscreen, and housing — are designed to bend together. A neat trick, sure, but probably not too practical for jotting down notes with your stylus. Still, we’d take two. Trials begin at the Kansai Urban Banking Corp early next year, but you can check it out sooner at FPD International 2009 in Yokohama City, Japan, starting tomorrow.”

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