The Seasonic S12D 850W Power Supply isn’t much to look at, a basic black box with a lot of permanent cabling dome out of one end.  Looks are not how this PSU received such a high score from Think Computers, that came from the stability of the power provided.  There is a fair amount, 70A on the 12V line in fact, and it will not cost too terribly much to run as it qualified for an 80+ Silver ranking.  For $180, this PSU is certainly worth a look.

“Seasonic has been around for a long time-since 1975. It is more well-known for its OEM line of power supply units, but it sells some models retail, as well. It touts the S12D 850W power supply unit as being certified 80PLUS Silver, proving that the unit is at least 85% efficient. Seasonic claims that the unit can achieve 90% efficiency! Add that with a five year warranty and a nearly silent fan and this is one unit worth seriously considering. ThinkComputers has the review.”

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