RAMBUS, one of the last attempts at serial volatile memory standards didn’t do well when it was first tried on the market; a long story that by the end had many glad to see RAMBUS go.  DDR and its successive generations has had success in the PC world, but that is a small share of the total memory market.  A PC can provide the cooling and power that defines DDR.  Now The Inquirer reports on the return of serial memory, this time targeted specifically towards mobile devices like smart phones.  DDR2-800 performance levels but with up to 50% less power draw and a 60% – 80% reduction in the footprint on a device that could not care less about ECC makes this iteration of serial memory look like it might have a chance.

“IN JUST under half a year, the Serial Port Memory Technology (SPMT) consortium has gone from a cunning plan to a full set of specifications for their upcoming Serial Port DRAM (SPDRAM) interface.

As you might be aware, so far serial memory interfaces have been dominated by IP junkies like Rambus, but this time it isn’t so.”

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