If you want the most out of your memory subsystem, a shroud and three tiny fans aren’t going to cut it, you need the Corsair Cooling Ice T30 TEC Memory Cooler.  It claims to be able to offer you temperatures 20C below ambient and has enough intelligence to keep your memory above the dew point so you need not worry about shorts.  Legit Reviews took it out for a try and reached hefty enough overclocks that the Xeon w3570 was having trouble keeping up.

“When testing the T30 I kept kicking myself for not having a single-stage phase change system or liquid nitrogen so I could kick up the CPU’s uncore and push the CAS7 and CAS8 frequencies. Now keeping that thought in mind, where does the T30 fit in with the myriad of other cooling devices on the market? For use within the typical system the T30 would define overkill. The H30 makes a lot more sense, especially for those individuals who already have their case watercooled. But the T30 isn’t about making sense, it is about pushing the boundaries and for those select few people who are willing, the T30 is there to give them that extra edge. This is definitely a product geared towards the small group of competitive benchmarkers at the tip top of the horde of computer enthusiasts…”

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