As a mobile user, you have either mastered the touchpad or you hate it with a passion and cart around a mouse.  Many mobile mice have appeared on the market, shrunken little wireless versions of desktop mice.  For about $30, Microsoft has an interesting alternative that they have aptly named the Arc mouse.  Its USB wireless receiver fits into a socket built into the mouse, which folds to protect the USB dongle as well as shrinking the mouse for storage; unfolded it is a similar size to a full bodied mouse.  Drop by InsideHW for a look.
“Microsoft has been an innovative hardware manufacturer for over 35 years and lately the company has focused on both functionality and design. The Arc Mouse is one of the remarkable design innovations that will fit the style of many design oriented consumers while meeting the performance needs of performance computer enthusiast. Sleek and stylish this mouse looks good while delivering 1200 dpi resolution and 30 inches per second laser tracking speed. The curved contour not only gives the Arc Mouse a stylish look, but makes it fit comfortably in any hand making this a good choice for the right or left handed user.”

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