The original Operation Flashpoint was a hard game and not because of monster closets or ridiculous boss fights, it was hard because bullets kill.  One good shot could take you out or is at least guaranteed to slow you down.  There is no health metre nor any med kits lying around, you have to finish the mission with every bump, scrape and bullet hole that you accumulate over the mission.  The sequel, Dragon Rising looks to be every bit as daunting, and every bit as fun.  Hopefully the bug that Elite Bastards discovered will be fixed very soon.

“Let’s not beat about the bush here – Dragon Rising is hard. There’s no room for heroics, or even moderate risk-taking more often than not – Simply choosing the wrong moment to pop your head out from cover or move out into an open space can mean the difference between completing a mission or having an out of body experience and watching yourself slowly bleed to death on the battlefield. Slow and steady wins the race here, as you pick your way through the grasses, woods and undergrowth of the island, trying to remain in constant awareness of your current situation, surroundings and mission status, and marshalling your troops as effectively as possible to achieve your goals without any casualties.”

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