Graphics companies making supercomputers, CPU companies focusing on graphics, it is a mad market and one of the more popular areas to branch into is input devices.  The latest company would be Revoltec as they bring you the FightMouse Pro.   3600 DPI, 1ms response time, six buttons, modifiable weight and enough memory to keep track of a few profiles help place it in the high end of gaming mice.  TestSeek Labs was also very happy with its flexibility as the mouse worked well on every surface they tried it on.

“Revoltec started out their business in Germany back in 2003. The products from Revoltec are generally characterized by their originality. They often carry innovations which you will not find elsewhere. Revoltec’s main business area has up till recently been their case modding products, but things are changing and they now have a respectable setup of input devices in their catalog…”

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