For $100 you can pick up a great set of headphones with surround sound and possible even noise cancellation technology, but some like their audio to fill the room, not just their heads.  Logitech has an answer, the 2.1 Logitech Z523 speaker system.  They are not really audiophile quality but for those who play games or stream music via their PC will be quite satisfied with the quality. The only complaints that Digital Trends could produce were that the speakers “they lack modular cables, and that they sound grating when you crank them to near full volume“.  Not bad for under $100.

“Have you ever wondered why more audio companies aren’t building PC speakers these days? Listen to Logitech’s Z523 speaker system and you’ll ask a second question that handily explains the first: How in the world can any company manufacture powered speakers that sound this good and sell them for a hundred bucks? Before the audiophiles in the crowd issue a fatwa on us though, let us be clear in that we are praising these speakers chiefly for their price/performance ratio. They suffer mightily in comparison to some of the pricier speakers we’ve auditioned-Audioengine USA’s $350 A5, for example, but frankly, we haven’t heard anything that comes close to the Z523 at this price range.”

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