Ryan spotted a bit of news yesterday which places Tegra in the upcoming Nintendo hand held, currently called Nintendo TS.  There is more good news for nVIDIA spotted by SemiAccurate, the new Mobinnova 3G Smartbook, named the Beam, will sport a Tegra 650 SoC and run Windows CE.  It will be interesting to see if the battery life is indeed as long as they claim; any system that can provide a full days work without a recharge is going to be very popular.

“Today, reports have reached us that Mobinnova will be launching its renowned élan 3G smartbook – now known as ‘Beam’ – and, according to the company, it will be available around CES 2010.

The Beam will sport a Tegra 650 SoC running Windows CE and will run from 5 to 10 hours on a fancy 3-cell battery that slides down, props up the keyboard and reveals the interface ports on the back of the device, which include HDMI, by the way. It will have an integrated GeForce GPU to accelerate HD decode (720p) and Adobe Flash’s 10.1 support for Nvidia graphics acceleration might just make life a bit easier for users streaming HD video on-line (let’s also not forget Silverlight Mobile – although not as widely used as Flash – which also makes use of GPU acceleration under WinCE). This should make short work of Atom-based netbooks in most scenarios, because Atom has neither the CPU nor GPU horsepower to tap.”

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