Even with years of past models to catch up on, ASUS is soldiering along attempting to produce a wider variety of notebooks than motherboards.  The latest review of one of the many ASUS mobility products comes from InsideHW, a member of the Versatile Performance series, the F50Sv.  It is a 16″ model with a 1366×768 LCD, hiding an Intel Core 2 Duo P8700 on a SiS 671DX+968 chipset with an NVIDIA GeForce GT 210M to power the graphics.   While that mix of components will not win it any prizes for best benchmark a PC Mark 05 of 5933 indicates that there is some power in this notebook.

“Today’s insatiable notebook market can always make room for another new model, and ASUS is producing new models almost on weekly bases. This time we present you model from ASUS Versatile Performance series (or, for rest of us something in between gaming and multimedia): F50Sv. Interesting and modern design, quality build and very decent performances are main characteristic or this model…”

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