One HD5870 is impressive, but three are just incredible.  The benchmarks are just incredible, even FarCry2 can’t cripple that much graphical bandwidth but the total score is less important than the scaling.  The big question is whether it is really worth investing in three cards or is a pair of HD5870s the sweet spot.  All is revealed in his full review.

“Getting past the pure joy of seeing these games run this fast, we need to decide how valuable all of this scaling is to gamers in terms of cost, etc. In all of my testing (with one exception) the benefits of moving from single Radeon HD 5870 to a pair of cards in CrossFire outweighed the move from two cards to three in terms of price/performance results. In other words, the value of the second card was higher than the third in terms of increasing the performance of the gaming system as a whole. Take HAWX as an example: at 2560×1600 the 1->2 card scaling was over 70% while the 2->3 card scaling was about 53%. While that is still a nice bump in performance (in many cases seeing 50% scaling on any multi-GPU configuration would be good news) obviously the third card follows the laws of diminishing returns.”

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