You can be forgiven if you’ve never heard of Tilera, but you can be guaranteed to hear about them now.  They’ve just announced plans to release a 40nm chip with 100 cores on board, beating Intel’s 80 core prototype we saw back in 2007.  The chips are built on a mesh topography as opposed to the on-chip bus interconnect used in multicore x86 processors; the end result of which is more bandwidth thanks to the lack of a bottleneck.  Perhaps the most interesting part of Wired’s overview is that the Tilera chip will be able to handle recompiled x86 applications, something Tegra and other GPGPUs cannot yet manage.

“Tilera, a start-up that was spun out of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, started in 2007. It says its product will be available in the next few months, which means the company, if successful, will have gone from zero to shipping a powerful chip in just about three years – a very fast timeframe in the semiconductor world. That’s because it has created a chip architecture that removes the challenges present in Intel’s x86 design.”

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