New to Razer’s line up is the Naga mouse and the Megasome pad.  The Naga is a little more than just another pretty, accurate mouse, it sports a 12 button keypad for you MMO players and inveterate micromanagers.  You don’t even have to decide on your own setup if you do not want to, Razer has an app to do that for you.  The pad is pure white, with a glow in the dark pattern emblazoned on it.  Drop by Bjorn3D to see them.

“Razer has always been one of our favorite gaming companies and when they came up with the Razer Naga mouse and Megasome mouse pad we knew we had to have hands on and give them a run for their money. To that end we forced ourselves to play endless hours of stand alone games and several marathon online MMOG gaming sessions to test the Naga and Megasome combination.

With a 12 thumb button grid handy for online MMOG gaming the Naga is sure to be a force in online gaming as soon as people find out how much easier it is to thumb the keys than stab at the keyboard to use the all important 1 – 12 keys on the keyboard. No longer do you have to make that frantic dive for the keyboard, you can simply thumb a button and use whatever function you have bound to the key, or use one of Razer’s preset profiles available for download on the Razer Webby.”

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