AnandTech seems to have hit AMD’s value product line’s mantra on the head, “sell three cores for the price of two“. 
The new Athlon II X3s are the 435 @ 2.9GHz and the 425 at 2.7GHz and they are expected to sell at $87 and $76 repectively.  This puts them well below the price of Intel’s offerings of similar chips.  They are 95W chips, just like their X4 cousins and sit at 1.5MBs of L2 cache thanks to the disabled core.  They also overclock fairly well thanks to that disabled core.

A month ago AMD introduced the world’s first quad-core processor to debut at $99. Last week, AMD announced its third quarter earnings for 2009. While the company as a whole lost money, the Product Company (CPU and GPU design) turned a small profit. I don’t want to say that the worst is behind AMD, but things are definitely looking up.

And for the consumer, AMD is providing a ton of value these days. You’re getting more transistors per dollar than Intel will give you, and it’s not just bloat, these things are fast.

The value train continues with todays introduction of the first triple core Athlon II processors: the Athlon II X3 435 and 425. Clocked at 2.9GHz and 2.7GHz respectively, these processors are simply Athlon II X4s with one core disabled.

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