The original Zune met with a lot of resistance from the market, its one unique feature of being able to share your music with other Zune users was not terribly well received.  The second incarnation has found a crowd of followers, the new HD version of the Zune provides great quality.  As well the design has changed, slimming down what was a rather chunky MP3 player.  If you haven’t acquainted yourself with the new Zune, drop by ExtremeMhz to see it in action.

“There has been so much interest lately in one particular product that just hit the market, that the results since its release is not only a good sign at finally seeing a product that will do well competing against what seems the impossible, but one that apparently was unexpected by the manufacturer itself. I’m talking about the next generation Zune HD portable media player from Microsoft. With a breathtaking new exterior design, excellent new user interface and powered by NVIDIA Tegra within, this new PMP has it all and is nothing like the somewhat unimpressive models the company has released. It is, according to a majority, in a level of its own in comparison to all options on the market today.”

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