Patriot has revamped their Viper line to accommodate Lynnfield, dual channel kits like the Patriot Viper II ‘Sector 5’  are popping up all over.  A speed of 2GHz @ 8-8-8-24 gives you plenty of raw bandwidth to keep your i5/i7 system happy and while Bjorn3D could only get a 136MHz overclock out of the DIMMs, it is possible a different motherboard might squeeze a bit more performance out of this kit.  Take a look and see what you think.

“Now with the LGA 1156 platform, Dual Channel DDR3 is all the rage. While your older high voltage DDR3 kit will work, it will need to run in under 1.65v to ensure you don’t end up killing your CPU. So if you have a 1600MHz kit that requires 1.9v, (which isn’t uncommon) you’ll likely be limited to the 1333 – 1400 MHz range on that kit. To take advantage of the full potential of LGA 1156 Core i5/i7 memory your going to need a good kit of low voltage DDR3 capable of giving you the performance you want and stay under that pesky 1.65v limitation imposed on LGA 1156 CPU’s. We say ‘ imposed ‘ on CPU’s because it’s the memory controller on the CPU that needs the RAM to stay under 1.65v to prevent damage.

Your in luck, with LGA 1156, the RAM vendors knew what to expect and had kits waiting on the shelf built to specifications specifically for Core i5/i7. Kit’s like the Patriot Viper 2 Sector 5 4GB 2GHz kit we have in hand to show you today. By the time we get done with it the Sector 5 kit may be ready for Area 51.”

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