As The Inquirer gleefully points out, the chances that Realityserver is the product of 40 years of work for NVIDIA and mental images are fairly low but that doesn’t stop the announcement from being interesting.  Using the parallel computing ability of Telsa to manage Ray Tracing to handle any light or reflection mapping this new program will allow the sharing of 3d images via a server at very high rates.  Instead of taking hours or more to render, they claim performance almost on par with gaming.  Drop by and see what you think.

“THE GREEN GOBLIN and its mate Mental Images have emerged from their smoke filled labs having created what they call a Realityserver platform for cloud computing.

Nvidia’s version of reality is a combination of GPUs and software that streams interactive, photorealistic 3D applications to any web-connected PC, laptop, netbook or smartphone.

Under the bonnet is Nvidia’s Tesla RS GPU-based server running Realityserver software from Mental Images. Using it, computer generated imagery that can take hours or days to create can be managed in streams of photorealistic images at rates approaching an interactive gaming experience, the companies claim.”

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