DFI’s LANParty series is more known for the high end features they sport, but there is a low cost end to the line as well, currently held by the BloodIron.  It is a G41 based board, which supports the ageing socket 775 and it sports onboard video supplied by the Intel X4500 Media Accelerator and an ICH7 chip for onboard audio.  A retail socket 775 processor a hard drive and some DDR2 and you have a running system.  NinjaLane gave it 5 out of 5, not for its 3D performance but because it lets you put together a family PC or HTPC for very little money down.

“In terms of basic motherboards you can’t go wrong with the DFI BloodIron G41, this MicroATX motherboard not only supports the latest Intel 775 processors but comes with an onboard graphics processor giving you the flexibility to use this system in a variety of different situations from a high-end HTPC application to a budget gaming or family rig.”

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