New desktop CPUs tend to be more exciting to cover as all of the bells and whistles that come with the new architecture are included in these chips.  Worrying about heat and size are only partially important, whereas those are the most important things to consider when designing a mobile processor.  The extra bells and whistles, apart from energy saving tricks are add only if they do not have a negative impact on the TDP.  The appearance of three Core i7 mobile processors is worth looking at though, this is an incredible amount of processing power to fit into a laptop.  Drop by t-break to get all the information on these three mobile powerhouses.

“Intel launched their new Nahelam based Core i7 mobile CPUs in Dubai yesterday. The following three CPUs are going to be initially available under the Core i7 umbrella at the moment along with some specifications Core i7-720QM Core i7-820QM Core i7-920XM Frequency 1.60GHz 1.73GHz 2.0GHz Smart Cache 6MB 8MB 8MB Turbo Boost 2.80GHz 3.06GH…”

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