When you are dealing with SSDs, size matters in two very important ways.  It has an effect on performance and it has an impact on the price.  In this review, the drive in question is the Kingston 256GB SSDNow V+ a rather large size for an SSD and a rather large price. 16 Samsung MLC flash chips provide its storage space and the Samsung S3C29RBB01-YK40 controller handles the speed with the help of 128MB of DDR memory.  The Samsung controller does not handle Windows 7’s TRIM function; on the other hand it is twice as fast as Samsung’s previous SSD, as you can see at Legit Reviews.

“The Kingston SSDNow V+ Series of SSDs performed nearly twice as fast as the original Kingston SSDNow V series and also happens to be available in larger capacities, which is key for the advancement of SSDs in the market. The Kingston SSDNow V+ was said to have sequential read speeds of up to 220MB/sec. and write speeds of up to 180MB/sec. We were able to come very close to those read speeds and were actually able to get slightly faster write speeds in some of the benchmarks. This is clearly a quick drive and performed on par with the Corsair P256 and OCZ Summit 120GB as both of those competitors’ drives feature the same internal components…”

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