From AMd we have the new mid-ranged HD47xx series, the HD5780 and HD5750.  The HD5750 is selling right now at the $130 mark and while it can beat the GTS250 in most situations it is unfortunate as the GTS250 is a cheaper card and the hope was that the 5850 wold compete against the GTX260+.  There are benefits however, the new Crossfire scaling is impressive and the power usage has significantly dropped.  The 5770 is more powerful at the $160 mark, competing well with the GTX260+ and offering better technology and power savings as well.  Both are reviewed here.

On the nVIDIA side is an update for the low end PC gamer, at around $40 the Galaxy GeForce 210 and the $60 GT 220 are made to offer some 3D gaming for under $100.  This launch missed the target even more than AMD’s shot; the year old HD 4670 annihilated these two cards in Ryan’s review and the and the 4670 is about $70 as well.
“AMD is really pushing its advantage while the iron is hot and continues to bring the Evergreen GPU technology to more price segments and consumers’ budgets. The Radeon HD 5770 and HD 5750 bring DirectX 11 gaming to a completely new market (even though there is only a single title available today) while NVIDIA is still months from offering any DX11-ready hardware. The performance and power efficiency of the Radeon 5800 and 5700 cards also continues to impress; a user could run a pair of HD 5770s in CrossFire under the same thermal envelope as a single GeForce GTX 260+!”

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