The Verbatim MediaStation HD DVR is an all in one digital video recorder, with many input and output ports, including antennae. It is not quite able to produce 1080p, but 1080i is certainly a step up from SD.  The model that InsideHW tested had a 1TB drive, though it is possible to downgrade to a 500GB disk if you need.  In the end they were a little disappointed as they had originally thought this to be a successor to the previously released MediaStation Pro; once they realized the HD would offered in addition to the Pro they felt a bit better.

“Predecessor of this device we reviewed in January and mentioned it few times since it was, at that time, one of the best of its kind. We are of course talking about Verbatim MediaStation Pro . At this year’s IFA we saw new MediaStation HD and had high hopes, as it looked like we got improved successor of already very good MediaStation Pro. Well, new MediaStation HD has arrived in our test lab, but this time we have mixed feelings about it…”

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