If you are reading the Friday Afternoon Forum Follies, chances are you are a regular at the PC Perspective Forums.  If that is the case, drop by Tech Talk where one of our members has a few invites to Google Wave for frequent posters.  It is a kind favour and there is a limited amount of invites, so no getting upset if you don’t get one!  Also popular in that forum is the Lynnfield system giveaway; it is only active until the end of Halloween so if you haven’t entered yet you had better do so in the next 24 hours.  If you have entered, kill some time sharing the oddest activities you’ve inflicted on hardware.

The Storage Forum is now split between two technologies, one camp sticking with SSDs and flash memory, while the other has been captivated by the possible performance of SATA 6G.  Weigh in with your opinionThe Windows Forum is also seeing a lot of action, Windows 7 comes with a host of improvements along with some areas that could use improvement.  Some information that might help you decide can be had by listening to this weeks PC Perspective Podcast, Episode 80 is a storage-stravaganza brought to you by Allyn!

Lastly, the ASUS Xtreme Design Contest only has one system in it so far.  Unless you want the 8 Tuner Ruiner to win by default … get your applications in! Let’s see a killer cruncher for BOINC projects!