Ryan has been spending some time thinking about nVIDIA and what their plans are in the near future and has collected his thoughts into a new editorial on the front page.  The company has done a huge about face compared to just a few years ago.  Previously they were having success beating ATI in the graphics card market and then managed to take advantage of the reorganization necessary to bring ATI into the fold at AMD.  They were producing THE enthusiast chipset with the nForce2 and even showing up other onboard audio solutions with SoundStorm.  Now we have a company that has abandoned the motherboard market, partly due to licensing issues with Intel but their AMD offerings have also dried up.  They have purchased an unsuccessful physics rendering company and are trying to turn it into a success, and look to be taking the high end computing market by storm with a GPU that bears more than a passing resemblance to a CPU.  There is definitely something afoot at nVIDIA.

“The other interesting news from GTC in the world of chipsets was the revelation that NVIDIA has canceled its plans to make any more Intel chipsets. Last year, when NVIDIA told us they would not be making a chipset for the Nehalem/Bloomfield processors (and that they would be licensing SLI on X58 motherboards) they reiterated their commitment to using their DMI bus license to make an nForce chipset for the Lynnfield processors the following year. Well, Lynnfield is out and with no news from NVIDIA on the subject, we were beginning to suspect something was afoot. NVIDIA says that pressure from Intel’s legal department debating the validity of NVIDIA’s DMI license is really what kept NVIDIA out of the space.”

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