The enclosure business just keeps getting more and more crowded as companies that never had anything to do with chassis building jump into the market.  Up for review this time is a company that made its name with floral patterned CPU heatsinks, Zalman and their GS1000 Plus.  For sale at $250, this case is meant to compete with the big boys that come with lists of features longer than the cases they come with.  BCC Hardware takes a look to see if Zalman’s case can offer stiff competition or if it falls short.

“Although the GS1000 Plus from Zalman doesn’t have a removable motherboard tray (neither does the GS1000), there is still plenty of room to work inside this case. The layout of the case and drives is quite good and with the hard drives sliding in from the front, and the three bays are actually below the motherboard – there will not be any issues installing long cards in this case.”

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