Crucial is jumping into the SSD market with their 256GB M225 SSD.  It uses the Indilinx Barefoot controller and a 64MB cache chip from Elpida along with a fairly unique dual PCB implementation to house the MLC flash chips.  The testing that Think Computers performed against a similar drive, the OCZ Agility showed both drives to perform at about the same level.  Indilinx based drives are among the fastest out there and Crucial’s new drive has grabbed a spot among the best.

“When it comes to Solid State Drives (SSD’s), it seems like many of the offerings available are from companies known for memory, not storage. This is because unlike traditional hard drives SSD’s have no moving parts and use NAND memory chips. So you would expect a company like Crucial to have a line of SSD drives, and they do! Actually our first SSD review here at ThinkComputers was a Crucial Drive. Today we will be looking at the 256GB M225 Solid State drive that is based off the ever popular Indilinx Barefoot controller. Let’s take a look…”

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