Intel’s chipsets are as famous as their processors, but finding an Intel branded board seems to be becoming rarer.  The Intel DP55WG is out there however, and tested it out.  It is a full ATX board with a P55 Express chipset and it uses a custom BIOS setup designed in house by Intel.  The board its self is not a great overclocker, but it is worth pointing out that the using the Turbo button will work to get you to the upper edge of the boards performance, no need to manually tweak it.  Check out the full review.

“Intel bills the DP55WG as a Media machine with a touch of Extreme. With Firewire, and a fully fledged audio solution in the form of a Realtek ALC889 which has content protection and Firewire, the DP55WG is a great solution for those wanting a Media PC with all of the features to play back Blu-Ray. Intel knows their customer base with motherboards for every need. From a performance point of view, the DP55WG performs near on par with its DP55KG in terms of performance but falls short on overclocking as one would expect from a non-Extreme board from Intel. Compatibility was excellent with the 870 and 750 working as advertised. This board is available from Newegg at $140, making a very respectable board at that price range. A solid Hot Product is to be found here, not really for the overclocker, but great for everyone else.”

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