Chances are you have heard that Apple has redesigned their mouse again.  It took over a decade to stick on a second button so it seems that their innovation for input devices is accelerating.  The new Magic Mouse doesn’t have a scroll wheel; instead about 75% of its surface will register finger scrolling and with the momentum feature turned on it will even recognize how fast your fingers are scrolling.  For those used to large gaming mice, the look of the mouse is going to be a bit of a shock, it more closely resembles an iPhone than a traditional mouse.  Drop by DriverHeaven for a glimpse into how the other half lives.

“Most of you guys know I am a big follower of the products that Apple produce and within my ever growing collection of systems I own many Apple products. Sure they are expensive, but they have served me well and I find OSx is an extremely reliable operating system for doing most of my design work. That said, I jump between computers often during my day and feel equally at home on any Windows OS. Yes, I know it is unheard of in this industry- a ‘PC centric reviewer and writer’ who sings the praises of Apple when he feels they deserve it. Today we are going to have a look at the new Apple Magic Mouse.”

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