Anandtech managed to get their hands on AMD’s processor roadmap for the near future and have posted it for your viewing pleasure.  Enthusiasts are not going to be as excited as the server and mobility crowd are, but there is still a lot of action.  On the mobile side we will be seeing Llano, the first Accelerated Processing Unit or APU, which promises great graphical performance coupled with enhanced battery life.  The server crowd gets an update on Magny Cours and the Maranello platform it is the heart of.  Enthusiasts have to wait a while, but Leo and mega tasking are on their way.

“It’s got roughly one billion 32nm transistors, fabbed at Globalfoundries. Four CPU cores and a single graphics core. It’s what AMD calls an Accelerated Processing Unit (APU). And we’ll see it in 2011.

Unfortunately that’s a bit late. The APU, codenamed Llano, was originally scheduled for 2010 but got pushed back. In 2009/2010 Intel will be the first to deliver on-chip graphics with Clarkdale/Arrandale, and in late 2010 Sandy Bridge will have on-die graphics.”

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