The fact that ASUS makes motherboards, along with rebranded graphics cards, audio card and some other hardware is well known; the fact that they also make power supplies is not as well known.  Hardware Secrets got a hold of a ASUS U-75HA 750W PSU, a fairly simple PSU with sleeved non-modular cabling but with enough connectors to power a system with a multiple GPUs.  The voltage it provided was rock solid; even if it does lack in features it is a quality choice for a budget build.

“ASUS is the number on motherboard manufacturer in the world and they’ve been expanding to other business for several years, recently reaching the power supply market. Though ASUS power supplies are not sold in the US, this didn’t prevent us from getting our hands on their 750 W product, which is sold throughout the world. Like the 500 W (P-50GA) and 650 W (U-65GA), models that we’ve already reviewed, this unit is manufactured by Delta Electronics. Does this power supply carry ASUS high-quality standards? Let’s see.”

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