A new motherboard from ASRock is making the rounds today for the upcoming Intel Clarkdale processors.  If you don’t have any background on the Clarkdale CPU and what it offers that is new, you should definitely check out the preview we posted from back in September that looks at both the Clarkdale and Arrandale (mobile version) cores. 

The upcoming ASRock H55DE3 will be one of the first options available for the new platform. 

ASRock H55DE3 motherboard spotted early - Motherboards 2

You can see the board offers support for multi-GPU graphics, but only CrossFire.  There are integrated graphics of course (courtesy of the Clarkdale processor) with VGA, DVI and HDMI outputs.  Not much more detail is available and keep in mind that you can use ANY LGA1156 processor on this board but you will only be missing integrated graphics if you don’t use a Clarkdale core. 

It looks like the winter will see yet another big boon for Intel in the CPU market.