It has been a while since we’ve seen a review of an unbalanced Crossfire setup, so drop by Overclockers Club to see an HD 5870 and an HD 5850, that they managed to get their hands on somehow, paired on a Core i7 920 system.  They overclocked the HD5850 to the same speeds as the HD5870, 1GHz GPU and 1200MHz for the memory.  The boost they saw was impressive, the Catalyst driver series continues to mature and makes keeping your old GPU in the system when you buy a new one even more attractive.

“Both the XFX HD 5870 and XFX HD 5850 are powerful cards and both earned good marks here at OCC, but when paired in CrossFire the performance boost gained was enormous for some of the test programs. Both video cards operated happily at 1000 MHz core speed with software that could adjust the core voltage easily. The memory overclock was hindered by the 5850 which couldn’t go as far, but could at least match the 5870.”

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