The backlight on an LED based display can be rather annoying, with light bleeding in at the edge of the screen and dark areas looking more grey thanks to light bleeding through.  In gaming it is less bothersome than when watching a horror movie but it is still there.  InsideHW has found the LG W2486L, which is the first display they’ve come across that has no backlight bleeding through to dark areas at all.  There are also other things to like about this monitor, so take a look at their full review.

“For an average user, question of monitor backlight is, in most cases, a trivial one. Most users simply don’t like to see too much backlight breach along edges along with bright or smudgy black areas. And that’s it, for an average user. In case you do need good display, and do pay attention to small details, you expect much more from your monitor’s backlight. LED (Light Emitting Diode) backlight is often mentioned as better and more energy efficient solution, but only in case RGB LED technology is correctly implemented. Changing neon backlight for an LED does sound like a simple task in theory, but this can also present some new problems. Since LG W2486L does have LED backlight, and we will check out how LG did its homework…”

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