ExtremeTech has taken Microsoft’s claims that Windows 7 is the most secure ever as a challenge and put the new features under the microscope.  There are 5 different sections, detailing UAC, the firewall and networking as well as the new Filtering Platform, all of the new features and the new implementations of familiar features are all covered.  Check it out and see if Win7 passes the grade.
“It seems like we hear the same mantra every time Microsoft releases a new version of its flagship operating system: “This is the most secure Windows yet!” But is it accurate with regards to the recently released Windows 7?

PCMag’s security guru, Neil J. Rubenking, has taken a probing look at the spate of security features in Windows 7 and written a five-part evaluation of everything from its basic interfaces and the infamous User Account Control to its firewall and networking capabilities and BitLocker encryption. He even spoke to some prominent folks in the PC security field to get their impressions of the Windows Filtering Platform, a basic set of core capabilities that other vendors may use or reject as they see fit.”

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